Soggy Saturday

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1. Little Dude is off to his dad's for 3 weeks! with the required lessons to get us thru the end of the semester

2. THAT Little Dude is not just almost done with the 1st semester but AGAIN almost 100% complete with an entire grade level -- way to go Little Dude & Mom!

3. "Family" pizza dinner tonight w/Mr Right & his girls & Eldest Daughter & her BF

4. house cleaning in progress

5. American Horror Story episodes on the DVR to watch now that Little Dude isn't home

6. rainy stormy night has become chilly sunshine

7. that Eldest Daughter does the dusting since I am allergic to dust

8. the idea of something warm for lunch

9. Grateful for Love

10. sooo Grateful for the next two weeks of time & space & plans