so, I've been doing yoga

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for a few months, a class called yoga punx. I really like the class because it is designed for people who might not otherwise take a yoga class. It's an all-levels class, and it's NOT in a hot room (it's in a funky warehouse in the Mission area in San Francisco), and it's donation based, and the teacher plays old punk rock while we do yoga (California Uberalles was a featured tune the other night). I go once or twice a week. I've also checked out some other yoga classes, other teachers, proper studios. I do get a little sick of the yoga superstards, a little sick of the "isn't the teacher amazing? isn't yoga so great?" aspect of it. I mean, when I go to orchestra rehearsal, people aren't all like, "isn't the conductor great? isn't classical music amazing?", although they could, but I guess it's not in the culture of orchestral musicians to GUSH about what your doing. Maybe.
When I started doing yoga, I was a kid, and I watched "Lilias, Yoga and You" on PBS. It was a free show, on public TV and there was no special equipment. No $100 pants, no sticky mat, no blocks, no straps, no heated room, just her and yoga and me. It's an ancient teaching, one that is, after all, based on moving your body around. A long time ago, someone(s ) codified some particular poses or moves and figured out that some were really good for your heart, some for your guts, some for your breathing, etc. Some yogi's do sinus cleansing (neti) some do colon cleansing, Shankhaprakshalana being one, there's another involving an enema of sorts. Never see shit like that at a fucking freebie class at a L*lulemon store!
Anyway, I have a friend who used to teach yoga, and then her dad got sick and passed away and she hasn't taught in a while. And I have an empty-ish room in my house (where T practices dancing) and a couple of friends who say they'd like to do yoga, but they feel uncomfortable around all the yoga suprstards, too. I want to offer more yoga to people who wouldn't otherwise do it. I want to do it for free, or on a donation basis, for two reasons: 1) I can't stand the money-making aspect of yoga. I can't stand Bikram, the idea of trademarking a series of moves, the L*lulemon racism and L*ndmark Forum bullshit, the yoga superstards who aren't saying, "isn't the teacher great, isn't yoga amazing", but rather, "You're new to this, you must think that I am amazing for doing these cool yoga moves, and my acting like a giant ass-kisser will probably fool you into thinking that I'm something other than completely shallow". I really believe that you pay to take a class so you can get instruction, so you can learn proper alignment and then you take that home to your kid and your cat and your ringing phone and try to do a little bit of it in the midst of the chaos of your own life. AND 2)By giving people the gift of yoga and the cheap, or even free, happiness that it can bring into one's life, I hope to further subvert the $$$$$ paradigm. Because if people are happy in their own lives, they won't need to go out and buy a ton of shit.
Anyway, my friend is interested in doing this. And I am also considering taking yoga teacher training, but that's $2000-$3000, and I'm not sure yet about that. I also have a collection of yoga videos that I could pop in and watch with my friends who want to do yoga in a safe space.