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I am thinking about returning to school. (FYI, I don't have a degree, not even an AA, not even an AAA--I get roadside rescue through State Farm, ha ha). It's not that I have some career in mind. I'm not trying to get into nursing school--that does not interest me; I'm not trying to get a business degree--I already run a business.
It's more that I miss being in an environment where being intelligent is a good thing. Where being smart is appreciated, even rewarded. I miss letting my nerd flag fly. I'm tired of being the struggling single mom.
Earlier this year, I purchased a candle from the local witchcraft supply store. A candle for change. I didn't have a particular change in mind, just wanted to open myself up to possibilities. I haven't lit the candle--that's how resistant I am to change! But it's right by my bedside, and the changes are happening anyway. The candle itself may not have any power--it's mostly symbolic. The act of buying it created the atmosphere. I've been buying and not lighting candles for a looooong time. They work anyway.
So, this is the first time I've put this thought out into the world. I think I want to go back to school. I'm opening myself up to the possibility. I want to flex my brain. I am tired of wasting brain power on worrying about survival. I want to go to school and stay in school and get some kind of degree out of it (unlike the 4 other attempts). I want to find a supportive atmosphere. I want to find a good school--enough of this community college bullshit (no offense community college, but I've been a member of Mensa--and at nearly 42 I think I can safely say that I am too smart to waste my time at community college.)
So there, world. I have invited learnin' upon myself, and an environment of support, and a school that will expand my brain rather than my stress level. [[[[[[activate]]]]]


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Going back to school, even if I could theoretically have a design job without it, has been a wonderful thing. Let your nerd flag fly! Join us again, at a more supportive college that is just about perfect for you! San Fran has some really cool schools.... I firmly believe that nerds have the capacity to, dare I write it, rule the world........

And it's a nice way to expand your mind (I thought I knew it all before, lol), meet new people, and it's actually kinda fun- and it's a good chance to learn self-discipline in a whole new way. Survival, I had down but combining survival with art history? Awesome. Self-discipline is something that I struggle with but hey, I'd rather struggle with it than not, if that makes sense. Um, yeah, writing that letter to my teacher now...... :bigsmile:

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from one mensan to another, i love this idea. hell yes, go!

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