single mother artist just about to finish her novel - please consider donating a buck or two to facilitate its completion

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this comes to me via twitter. i don't know this woman, i just watched the video and hoped she would get what she needed, and it seemed to fit right in line with what we do right here.

i love kickstarter. if you're not familiar with what they do, it's DIY fundraising, essentially. you need not apply for grants or loans from large organizations for your projects, art or otherwise. you can drum up support from real people who will - based on what you're doing - want for you to succeed. people pledge to donate, there is no minimum donation.

please read the brief description, and perhaps watch the 6 min video. this particular artist is only seeking $5000, which is a small amount to ask for. it will cover her living expenses for the brief period here at the end, just as she's about to finish her work, because it requires a level of attention at this point she would otherwise not be able to dedicate.

anyway, here it is.