saturday sillinees

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1. getting all dressed up - long black skirt with slits, stockings, nice classic black shirt & going out on Mr Right's equally well dressed arm - i feel transported

2. watching a comedy - Horrible Bosses - on the bed, still all dressed up

3. grateful for the last of the chocolate cake

4. grateful for Christmas music time!!!

5. grateful for a deep deep sleep

6. so grateful for buckwheat pancakes for breakfast

7. appreciate time to read a book, mess with knitting projects none of which wanted to behave & all have been frogged to be re-begun

8. hot tea

9. the perfect literary reference

10. LOVE


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Can I respond to your grats with mine? Is that cool? Or am I hogging uer blogging? If I am let me know...

1. REI employees that know me by name, face and voice on the phone because Im like, always in there.
2. Seems like Im frequently getting hookups when Im shopping anywhere. Kid says "Its cause were cute mom, were cute." Tell it, B.
3. My bank debit card is malfunctioning again, always a good thing when Im near thrift stores. I think I saved 50$.
4. Universe is infusing my life with tiny house ideas and at every corner, and Im watching the plan unfold into something more concrete.
5. I cancelled my facebook, netflix, and a bunch of other social networking and forum memberships. I feel a million times better.
6. We came across a subaru baja, just as I was thinking about it ! Damn-Universe, your fast!
7. Silk Nog
8. Kid insists on selling his artwork.
9. Hipmama
10. My bicycle

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I miss REI -- seems that was a few relationships ago sigh

ok now it's my turn to say "pictures, please" of this cuteness!

i have tiny house -- wanna come show me how to make it work better?

sooo glad you posted Grats!!!

 "Do not speak--unless it improves on silence." ~ buddhist saying (wow - my email on file was so old - it was from the old hipmama email!)

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hellz yea. i will bring my funny glasses and pen and fancy furniture catalogs and circular saw and building plans and a gallon of coffee and we will get to work!

pictures on the way. keyboard in laptop is defunct. my cr-apple gear is i-ncompatible with anything of an uploading or downloading nature unless i buy some app or something. i should sell the stuff before i accidentially..(intentionally) smash it against a wall.