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I keep thinking about blogging, but have had a hard time organizing my thoughts. I don’t know how much I am comfortable sharing and what my feelings are about a lot of this stuff. So I just I decided to post, without the process. Just set the scene.
The first week here in Costa Rica, I didn’t even have enough time on the internet to read my email. Which is a good thing. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t check my email in a week. I think I should do that more often. When I finally did check there wasn’t all that much there. Made we wonder if I really need to check my email 8 times a day when I do have access.

So the first four nights I stayed at Jonathan’s (Ramona’s Dad) uncle’s house. He is staying there for a while building an apartment for his uncle. I was sort of immediately dropped into drama. His other kid’s mom was calling constantly. He told me that she was jealous of me. That she has always been jealous of me. All these years. Which struck me odd, as I didn’t even know that we knew each other until my second day here. I didn’t even know he had another child until about two weeks before I came. I had a conversation with the other mother once. I haven’t figured out their relationship. They haven’t lived in the same town for a year. But he admitted that they had been together “once in a long while.”

Ramona’s grandma and aunt came to see her. Ramona ran away from them. Really she walked. I was surprised to see that Ramona was overwhelmed with being the center of attention.

Then we went to the beach with J for three days. It was pretty nice, swimming, eating, smoking, and then again, ending each night with a bottle of wine once Ramona was asleep. It was a strange feeling to be all daddy, mommy, and kid. Never had that experience before. He told me he was going to build a house for Ramona and he brother. He also said some outrageous things I have yet to process. The other mom called more. So uncomfortable and irritating.

Then he needed to work, and it is rather boring hanging out while he works, so Ramona and I came up here to Santa Elena. This is where I met J. This is where the other mother and child lives (in a house owned and built by J). I haven’t seen them.
But a couple days ago I took an overnight trip to La Fortuna, and spent a day in the Hot Springs. That was great, beautiful and the foot of a volcano, which has been dormant for 3 months. All the better; Ramona’s greatest fear is hot lava. The trip itself was fun cause we got to take a boat for part of the way. On the way back we traveled with a cowboy from Arizona, a Leo like me. He had a crazy story. He had been planning to buy a horse here in Costa Rica and then ride it to Sonoma County coincidentally. But the airline lost his saddle and then he lost some money and found out that horses are more expensive here than in the US. Here they eat grass. In the states they eat $20 a bale hay. In the sates the horse rescues are full cause no one can afford horses (and there is no where to ride them anyway). So now he doesn’t know what he’s gonna do. But he bought us dinner on returning to Santa Elena. We talked about how important it is to live life, cause it might be all we have.

Today I meet with Ramona’s dad. We are also supposed to meet he brother and the other mother. It should be interesting.