Roller derby, bishes. I'm doing it.

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So I discovered during our city's holiday parade recently that we have a roller derby league here. They had a float in the parade and when the girls all skated by one of them came up to me and handed me a card and said "Dude, come skate with us!" I looked them up when I got home and I've always harbored secret roller-derby fantasies so....

You know what? I'm fucking doing it. Well, as soon as I have money for skates, anyway. I havent skated since I was like 15, but I used to be not-so-sucky so *hopefully* some of the not-sucking-so-much has carried over into being 30? The only thing that makes me nervous is a friend's recent warning that if I break a leg or something I'm totally fucked as far as work and making ends meet for DD and I. And it's like....would it be terribly irresponsible of me to start skating around and knocking chicks over for fun? Mayyyyybe. But everytime I get in my car, or cross the street, or walk up a flight of stairs, there's a chance I could end up temporarily disabled, right? Is this reeeeally that much worse than the risks I take in everyday life?

I want a "no" here, obviously. ;)

Truthfully though, I want your honest opinions because there's a little voice whispering "are you suuuuure?" in my ear. I *was* sure until friend suggested that maybe it wasn't prudent, but now I'm all doubty-like, bah. It's not like it's fucking UFC street fighting or anything, it's roller skating with an edge. But am I a moron for risking hurting myself and not being able to work, even temporarily?


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I know - personally - another single mom who does roller derby and she LOVES it. There's such community there, like Filthy says, everyone helps everyone else out. I think you should totally go for it. There are no guarantees in life that you won't break your leg on the icy sidewalk or wherever.

Sounds like a blast! Go for it!!!

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You want to do what you think is right and what matters to you, and if other people don't like it, as my father would have said, they can go fuck themselves. -- Amy Bloom

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A friend of mine does it and she's broken a leg and fractured a wrist in the 3 years she's been doing it. Still, she says it's great fun and is always inviting me to tryouts. If I were a bit younger (I'm 38) and had more bounceback, I'd probably do it because it does seem like fun. But the high incidence of injury worries me (lots of people on her squad have been injured). and yes, your risks of injury are higher than just walking down the street.

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for four years and never got hurt. I played in the front line of the scrum. Besides the fact that it was great exercise....and an awesome confidence-booster for someone who sucked at every sport as a child (who knew I was good at tackling people?)...and the first time I ever felt real sisterhood in any sort of athletic setting, it was fun. And I got to throw keggers at the end of each match. And we won the East Coast championship. And I'm still proud that I did it, fifteen years later.

But I did get hurt on three different occasions, driving on the freeway, when I got rear-ended by people talking on their cell phones.

I think you know what I'm going to say. Roller derby sounds awesome to me.

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"who knew I was good at tackling people?"

That's awesome! Girls not exactly encourage to tackle people, are they?! Hidden talents though.

Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough. -- Emily Dickinson

You want to do what you think is right and what matters to you, and if other people don't like it, as my father would have said, they can go fuck themselves. -- Amy Bloom

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I have a friend who has been at it for years and the community is JUST SO SUPPORTIVE - totally worthwhile. Also a terrific workout and chance to kick some arse!

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I went to a rollery derby training camp and found it very fun. The people were awesome, and the athleticism made me feel very confident and empowered. However at the end of the day, I chose not to try out for a team because of the risk of inury. The whole time we new recruits were doing drills we could see the competitive players at the other end of the rink practicing the full contact stuff. It is a lot like football and I wasn't willing to take that risk.

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A friend of mine started doing Derby like 6 months ago and says it has completely transformed her life, for the better. It's a lot of work and a lot of dedication (tons of practice, etc.) and it can be hard on your body but the cameraderie and catharsis that it provides makes all of that well worth it. From what I've heard.
I've wanted to try out for Roller Derby for sooooooo long. The only thing that holds me back is the amount of time you're expected to devote to it. All the teams in the leagues near me practice several times a week, then there are matches and all that stuff. They stress how it is a major commitment and there's just no way that I can do that on top of working full time without a partner to help take care of Bash.
I so don't want to rain on your parade though - if you can swing it then you should totally do it!!