Right to peaceably assemble?

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Tue, 09/02/2008 - 06:50 -- vkitty

From the Washington Post.

By Holly Watt
ST. PAUL -- Democracy Now! radio host Amy Goodman and two producers were arrested while covering demonstrations at the Republican convention in St. Paul, Minn. Goodman was released after being held for over three hours, but is still waiting to hear when Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar would be released.

"I was down on the convention floor interviewing delegates when I heard that two of our producers had been arrested," said Goodman. "I ran down to Jackson and 7th Street, where the police had moved in."

Goodman said that when she ran up to find out what was going on, she was also arrested.

"They seriously manhandled me and handcuffed my hands behind my back. The top ID [at the convention] is to get on the floor and the Secret Service ripped that off me. I had my Democracy Now! ID too. I was clearly a reporter."

Goodman, who was released after being charged with a misdemeanor, said that Salazar had been hurt in the face, while Kouddous had been thrown up against a wall and hurt his elbow.

"Nicole told me that as they moved in on three sides, she asked them 'How do I get away from this?' and they jumped on her."

Both Kouddous and Salazar could be held for up to 36 hours.

"One of the police kept shouting at me 'Shut up, shut up," she said. "It was extremely threatening."

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The Patriot Act stands in direct opposition to the constitutional right to peaceful assembly. Amongst other constitutional rights that have been repealed under the watchful eye of the Bush administration - this one has a direct impact on individuals who wish to partake in the political process. While we mourned 9/11, the government was ensuring that our personal freedoms - that make up this democracy-like political system - were all being gutted. And they did it legally.

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'cuz the whole gotdamn evil-ass piece of legislation is unconstitutional, and therefore illegal, and they fuckin' knew it when they did it, but they'd already bought the supreme court out, so it'll stand for who the fuck knows how long before it's struck down.

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"if i pass for other than what i am, do you feel safer?" ~ lani ka'ahumanu

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Because clearly, vidoetaping arrests & police interactions with protestors (what the Democracy Now producers were doing when arrested) is just downright dangerous and Amy Goodman is ssssssssoooooooooo dangerous and threatening herself. Practically an anarchist, that one! /end extreme sarcasm

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