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Wed, 11/17/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

I became a parent before I was officially an adult, and have devoted the better part of twenty years to that project, in fundamental and fierce ways.

It took ruthless and heartbreaking commitment to launch this family on our grand international adventure.

Of course I suffer from the classic complaint of immigrant intolerance, and have a tendency to ask my eye-rolling offspring if they understand how good their lives are, compared to mine at the same age.

Yeah, whatever, cancer cancer poverty poverty blah-blah!

However, I remain exquisitely sensitive to certain social crimes. In my opinion, the Cambridge years were utter shit, and while I do not retain sole responsibility I do think reparations are necessary.

Translation: we all deserve loads of wholesome treats!

Tonight that means a Harry Potter Pizza Party. Though I'm not sure how much of the series I will be able to stay awake for. . . at least we will have fun hanging out together.