Reflections on Dec. 24th

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Sat, 12/24/2011 - 16:38 -- Birdie

I have had shit luck in love.
I have had shit luck in the surviving members of my family, excluding my son.
I fucking amaze myself.
I keep going & going.
I got all A's this past semester, while interning while working at my college and I will most likely graduate with honors in the Spring.
As long as I don't let the bastards get me down, I can accomplish incredible things.
I am one of the strongest people I know.
I love myself.
I'm going to do my best to treat myself lovingly this holiday, even if I'm not receiving any love from anyone other than a few friends and my son.
I'm beginning to think that the most important and memorable relationship of my life is the one I have with myself.
It seems like that should be sad, but it's not. A bit bittersweet perhaps- growing up in our society I was pretty sure I was destined for some epic fantastic fairy tale story. But that's what our culture does to little girls. Being considered "pretty" in our society just adds insult to injury, because it has been implied (by my father no less) that it is my personality that is the problem. Guess what dad? I love myself JUST THE WAY I AM, and I will settle for no less from anyone who wants to get close to me.

Let's all rise above this Christmas shit & love ourselves this year, no matter what the hell is going on or who the hell you are with or what the fuck you believe, Goddammit.

Happy Fucking Holidays!