Rat Pup in the kitchen and some random Saturday moments--pics

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On a happier note, I woke up far too early this morning. The world was quiet and COOL for a change at about 57 degrees. I actually put on a sweat-jacket for a while.

Since Rat Pup was awake, we made biscuits together. I stood her on a chair beside me so that she could see and touch the tools and ingredients.

Pulling off a piece to taste.

She was all sticky after her first encounter with dough, so after I washed the dishes, I washed the Rat Pup.

Then we had biscuits and tea for breakfast. Her tea was mostly apple juice, but I put in a little tea just so that we could say that she had tea, too.

Then I waxed my brows.

Trying to take a pic without laughing...but I laughed.

And that's a close-up of my hair. I love doing close-ups of almost anything. A close-up makes a familiar object looks complicated and different from the way we view it in normal perspective. Colors, textures, all manner of characteristics change just from changing where the viewer stands. Call it a quirk...it's great fun.


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That Rat Pup is delectable. And so fortunate to have a super grandmama like this.
Love the pics - especially the close up cos I like what it does to perception, too. It's like seeing with your fingertips!

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You and rat pup are too cute! :)
homemade biscuits, yummy

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I don't think I've caught any photos of you before! You're lovely and so funny cracking up at yourself. Love that kind of photo...

the pup is lovely and so sweet, the tea and biscuits you two had. love it!

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