Rainy Day Monday

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1. waking to the sound of rain -- something I used to enjoy so I will say I do today

2. rainy school days mean baking cookies (even if from a pre-made roll so what)

3. I am grateful that home school is almost finished for the Semester - we are at 100% in Spelling & Grammar, 85% in Science & History, over 60% in Lit, Art & Math (with 100% possible in the time I have allotted - it's more a matter of checking off assignments)

4. appreciate sweatshirts & pj bottoms -- I have some sweatshirts i have reserved for home comfort and some I now only wear around the Mr as they are more attractive

5. i am thankful to have someone & sometimes to dress nicely for and be appreciated when i do

6. oh goddesses, how I appreciate & am thankful for how i feel when he appreciates me

7. I am thankful that I do carry that feeling and the feelings of his Love & care with me deep inside even when we are apart

8. i am grateful for all the Love from da Mamas!!!

9. i am so grateful for how well my son has been getting along with all these new kids & new places

10. i am grateful for my abilities & perseverance