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Mon, 01/10/2011 - 21:00 -- Bee

I couldn't eat the food when I lived here, and nothing has changed. After several encounters with dubious meat (how is it prepared - what precisely are they doing to make it so greasy and foul?) I gave up. From now on, I will subsist on yogurt and energy bars.

It is possible I will also reverse a firm anti-whining policy and moan about this, if you happen to be within earshot. I was so excited to eat tacos! It is so unfair they make me queasy!

Lucky boys, they can eat anything. Except the elder can't have, uh, gluten. And the younger one is picky. Leaving us all with . . . yogurt and energy bars.

Pretty soon I'm going to be the weird lady with an ice chest full of food, no matter the occasion.