punk rock grats

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1. The Outhouse in Lawrence, KS. A former tractor barn in the middle of a corn field that, in the 80's, was turned into a DIY punk venue. I went there, because, this one time in band camp, I started dating a cute punk guy from Lawrence, and he took me to The Outhouse when I went to visit him. In the past few years, I have had such great conversations with a couple of cute guys from the Lawrence area who have been thrilled to talk to someone about The Outhouse. It's now a strip club. (insert whatever commentary you want about that)
2. As always, my awesome clients.
3. Fenton's. Yes, the ice cream place from the movie "Up". It's walking distance from my house. Went there for dinner tonight. Yum!
4. Yoga as a means for fixing boo-boo's incurred during the course of playing viola.
5. All-black clothing, including bras and chonies.
6. Indoor plumbing.
7. Very glad that I wasn't driving on the Bay Bridge last night.

8. A sewing machine that works well enough for me to modify tee shirts.
9. Rain (if not lightning) for the thirsty Earth.
10. Good bourbon.