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Mon, 11/15/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Recent political reports reminded me that I do not claim allegiance with any political party because I find them all equally - and therefore repugnantly - flexible.

Call me naive but I expect politicians to stick with their own stated platforms. The Lib-Dems were elected in large part on a pledge to reduce or eliminate UK tuition fees. Now they have not only retreated from that promise, they are the critical factor in approving the massive fee increase.

So, basically, Lib-Dems are liars.

Good to know.

Six years in Cambridge should have rendered me immune, but no. I am still allergic to posh hypocrisy. Other flavours are, however, fine.


In other news, earlier this week I was doing an interview and was stumped by the question "What is something your readers do not know about you?"


Is there anything at all? I work in a confessional genre, I have published stories covering all manner of taboo, I am by nature and training an exhibitionist. I am notoriously prone to saying the most extreme and alarming thing that crosses my mind, whether at the dinner table or live on the radio.

I would happily show you my transvaginal ultrasound photographs, if you are interested!

Xtina shared a flat with me for awhile recently and she suggested I think you should've told em that you are easily scared by people totally predictably coming out of bedrooms.

This is true! I'm also scared by ringing telephones, and sometimes, lettuce.