podcast recommendations??

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i'm looking for something new to listen to and am hoping you mamas can give me some good suggestions. i'm a big fan of "this american life" and all the NPR 'casts and although i wouldn't mind something independent and feminist i'm up for *anything*. soooo, gimme your faves so i can check 'em out! :bigsmile:


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average betty (you have to watch this one too), alan watts, foreign language, motley fool, sesame street

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If you like This American Life then you'll probably like The Moth - it's described as "real stories, told live on stage, without notes". A bunch of Moth recordings have actually been featured on This American Life in the past.
I also like Dan Savage's podcast- The Savage Lovecast I think it's called. If you like him & his columns/books then you'll like the podcast.
I'm a huge movie nerd so there's a film review podcast I like called Filmspotting.
Plus I listen to a few other NPR podcasts like On Point, Talk of the Nation, and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.
That's all I've got for now but thanks for posting this thread... I'm always interested in new podcast recommendations!

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Sesame Street - I was to recommend that... :D

...the lover, the dreamer, and me (Jim Henson)

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from a lurker - Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. you can get video or audio too!