Pink eye:(

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So my daughter has pink eye I think. I will be taking her to the doctor today. My doctor is a prescription pusher though and I hate using chemicals or antibiotics unless absolutly nessecary. Is it nessecary for pink eye? I put some breastmilk in last night, hopefully that will help a bit. Have any of you used a natural remedy for it? Fuck I hope I don't get it. :~


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well, probably more than two, but mainly there are viral versus bacterial infections that can cause conjunctivitis. i think a doctor visit would be in order to find out which it is, so you can treat it accurately! here is an interesting article that i found when i thought my little boy had it...

he didn't, his was allergies, btw, so we did not use antibiotics, rather, antihistamine drops, which really helped. good luck mama! oh, and the breast milk can't hurt, i would keep that up.

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i think i remember bearsmama awhile back saying she had used gentian violet and it works wonders. bearsmama, are you out there for backup??

good luck, M2L! pinkeye is a pain, my daughter had it when she was like 18 months old; putting the drops in was...ummm...impossible. but hopefully your little muffin isnt a biter/scratcher when cornered?

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my daughter had a blocked tear duct. we did the breastmilk and massaged the area with warm compresses. no improvement. then i read about a parent who treated a bad sty with a compress soaked in parsley tea. one day later my daughter is perfect.

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yeah, this is what I understood. My daughter had pink eye for several days so we got a Rx for antibiotic ointment in case it didn't go away over the next couple of days. When it didn't resolve itself and the discharge was all yellow and green (suggesting bacterial), we used the ointment- although I am not big on antibiotics. But topical I think is quite different than oral. Like phoenix says it's a big ol pain in the butt to get it in/on the eye though, on my daughter it spread to both her eyes so we had to put it in both eyes. She was only 4 months old or so and she still fought it like nothing else. Thank god she wasn't a biter yet then......

I'm going to check my book on natural remedies but it's downstairs right now and I'm too beat to go down there, I know she (Aviva Jill Romm) has a section on pink eye, will come back tomorrow. Maybe you'll have already figured something out but maybe someone else will need help...

Breastmilk might help, I'd keep up with that.

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i was wrong about the violet for pinkeye; i just googled it and all i can find is info on gentian violet used to cure thrush (yeast in the mouth).

anyway, i hope you figured something out and those nasty pinkeyes are on their way out! :)

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*frequent handwashing by child and everyone else in home. child should have own personal towel.

Dietary stuff:
*eliminate dairy, eggs and flour products [lord that would be impossible for us!-turtle]
*lots of water
*breastmilk - half a teaspoon in their eyes four times a day [yay! you are already doing this!]

Herbal stuff:
Choose one or more of the following and if only one eye is infected you can apply to one or both eyes
*echinacea tincture- internally to boost immune system (1 drop per 5 lbs body weight) 4x a day.
*chamomilie & goldenseal tea - 1 tbsp of chamomile blossoms and 1/4 tsp goldenseal powder in 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain twice. Rinse the eyes or apply as cool compress 3-6x a day.
*chickweed- make infusion with handful of fresh plant to each cup of water. Use as compress or rinse or poultice of the steeped plant material directly on the eyes, discard material after each use.
*eyebright - apply as compress alone or in combination with chickweed or rinse the eyes

-- Aviva Jill Romm "Naturally Healthy Babies and Children: A Commensense Guide to Herban Remedies, Nutrition, and Health"

Hope this helps!!!!

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You want to do what you think is right and what matters to you, and if other people don't like it, as my father would have said, they can go fuck themselves. -- Amy Bloom

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Thanks everybody:) The breast milk seems to be helping, unfortunatly my doctor can't see us till monday so till then I am going to get her some homeopathic mediciine to see if that will take care of it. I'm am guessing it's viral or bacterial as they are kinda leaking some yellowish ucky stuff. She is in a good mood though thankfully.