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Thu, 10/14/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Now that I have something to sit on, I need something to eat with. Cutlery - what a quandary!

I have looked everywhere in this vast metropolis, with no joy. Merchandise on the market is either too expensive, too old-fashioned, or too ambitious. Why, oh why do designers think they need to be creative with the shape of a spoon? It is a spoon. It is meant to ladle soup. The shape has been standardised over time because it makes sense.

Even the Scandinavians failed me.

Though in my muttering progress it occurred to me that a solution might be closer to hand than expected, and wrote to my mother. Why yes, she replied, I inherited the Lavender silverware - a complete set of Chevron (aka Standard Oil) commemorative cutlery.

This brings up many practical questions, like whether or not one can pack a gold-plated service for twelve in carry-on luggage. But also more importantly, how will I feel eating from the forks I remember so distinctly from childhood Thanksgiving dinners?

Difficult to guess, but I'm sensing that the answers will be fraught and frightening. And anyway, I need to eat now, not whenever I can arrange for delivery.

So instead of spending real money on new stuff (preferred option) or shipping family heirlooms (next best option) I bought off ebay.

£6 for a midcentury no-name set still in the original box. My reputation as a perverse and obsessive cheapskate holds!