in & out of hock

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they know my face (and my kids) down at the pawn shop. I think it's better than overdrawing the account and it is depressing when I don't have fruit for my boy. Fruit makes me feel like we're doing alright!

It's a rough cycle though, bad for the ol' self esteem but I think it's better when ends meet and we're not in the red (okay technically we are, technically I have to pay more on the loan. I try not to think about it)

My son loves the instruments they have everywhere. He's a natural on the drums. One of these days I am going to save up and buy him a snare. Pawn shops are actually really fun places to be

The other day he taught the fellow next to us in line some of the karate moves he'd learned from my DH. He's a really magnetic kid, I adore that about him.


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I hear you about pawn shops being fun. Here in spain they don't hardly even have second hand shops and the only pawn shops are in the largest cities. I rather miss perusing both of them. And it means that a broke person like me is basically just screwed if the stereo breaks. I don't think I own anything that would fetch more than 20 bucks in pawn anyway.

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the only things that make any money at all are the old pieces of family jewelry, kinda breaks my heart a little but I do it because I can't stand the alternative. I wish I could learn to live within our means. Until then little loans & then I get it all back, later I have to get more little loans.

Something that helps heaps is sewing for people. Just small projects here & there but it's something that I enjoy doing & I have really lovely friends who don't think twice about giving me a hand up when I most need it. It's also really good for my stress to have something productive to do.

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I love that tablecloth! I hear you on the fruit thing. I feel like we are doing OK when I have more toilet paper than I need and fruit on the kitchen counter, those are my markers for financial security.

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thank you mama! I grew up in southern new england so when I saw it at an "antique" shop downtown I almost fell over. Way too excited, I had to buy it. I had it tucked away for over a year, brought it out to try and shake off some depression. Having a good, clean, pretty space helps.

I hear you on the toilet paper! I want to be at least 2 rolls ahead of the game. I was that way about cigarettes too, before I quit.

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Hi, bitch-face! It's nice to see you; I've always enjoyed your writing.

I like that tablecloth, too. A tray of fruit on that cheery tablecloth is a happy thing indeed.

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thank you so much! I am excited about the thought of being more present here. Seems like good timing since DD is just a few months older than DS was when I started posting over 5 years ago! It doesn't seem like a very long time at all, amazing how quickly the years fly by.

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just peeking out from my corner to say Hi! Long time no read :)

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i dont know you, but i love your post. i hear ya on the fruit thing. interestingly, the only time my kids ask for fruit is when we dont have any, mama, can i have a banana? no? apple? berries? ANYTHING???
and then i know its countdown time until i go to the store and buy a plethora of fruit.