Once upon a time...

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Fri, 07/30/2010 - 20:29 -- vkitty

...there was a girl who got married, and she was very lonely. Then she got divorced and found some friends, but she was still kind of lonely. Then she got married again, and for a while the loneliness seemed to disappear into the mist. But soon, she felt very lonely again, and continued to feel lonely to this very day.

The end.


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I feel the same way a lot. I really like and love my husband and I have some good friends scattered around the world. but very often feel pretty lonely. something I'm trying to figure out. its hard.

there is a really good book called "lonliness"


I'm sending you a virtual hug

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I'm often lonely too. But These last few weeks have been kinda traumatic for us, and it's been pleasantly surprising to me how many friends we've reached out to with really nice results. Could any of the loneliness be self imposed?

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lately, driving to work, I think "this is it. this is how it turned out. There are a lot of people around me but they are not people of my choosing, and I'm alone." Then I arrive at work. \

I think the same thing on the way home, unless I have a book on CD to keep me company.


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I am sorry. You sound sad. I am not exactly lonely but I am questioning my judgment in friends and companions very seriously. It's really difficult. You can't get validation through others, but feeling alone sucks.

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