OMG really?

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So I took a trip to the Urgent Care thing-a-ma-bob today. I’ve been having arrhythmia all afternoon and it’s still happening tonight. So apparently it’s not bad, but the doctor said it was good that I came in. I have to go see my doctor in a week to follow up and I’m now taking Beta Blockers to slow my heart rate down. My blood pressure is fantastic, but my heart is just beating to fast, doc said the beat type is normal, it’s just a little off rhythm. Basically it feels like the drums are being played under my breast bone. When it picks up speed I gasp for a breath. It’s just weird. Damn it, I’m getting old. Much thanks to Laura for coming out so fast to help me with the urgent care visit, R for watching the boys, and for all the good vibes and prayers from all you guys who commented on Facebook.

So it’s off to bed I go, hopefully this pounding in my chest won’t keep me up all frakin’ night.


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i had SVT last year, it still comes and goes a bit, no meds for that though. i know how it feels, though, like someone is standing on your throat...unpleasant! hope the BB's work and you can get some relief!!

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