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Kinda nice.
I'm freaking a little bit since I'm playing a show on Friday. It's shaping up that I might be the only girl on the stage the whole night. It's a far cry from M*mapalooza. I have to whine a bit, though, that here I am, the girl bass player/singer in a metal band, I wear mini-skirts and platform boots onstage, and I'm playing to a room full of guys, but, still, I can't get any action. WTF?
Have I so thoroughly internalized the idea that moms "shouldn't" be a certain way that, even though I might kinda look the part, I give off some kind of anti-sex vibe? Do I reek of desperation? Of loneliness? Of poverty? Tight schedules? Exhaustion? Do I have dishpan hands?


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you have no idea how happy I was when I saw it was you on the other blog! I thought you were gone!

I am not trying to be partonizing here, but if I was a guy, I'd think I had no chance at ya, so whats the point? I mean you're band is on the map, your cute as a button ( sexy too) independent, smart-why would you NOT have somebody at home waiting for you? And if you were single, then you would never go for little old me. Thats what I think happened. As a matter of fact, I know it.

I was curious about your thoughts on the BFing post, but the myspace is taking forever to load, so anwho you may not have any idea who I am seeing as I changed names for privacy purposes but my myspace is

www.myspace.com/camppattycakes and I am coming out to cali this summer and wanna see a show!

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intimidating. So hot....not.
I don't know who you are, but, I just told the dude that I thought the article was poorly written, and that if he was saying there was some movement amongst professionals to scare women into bfing, I'd like to see a memo or JAMA article or something. But, if he was saying that laypeople were talking smack, well, new moms get that sh*t all the time.

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