oh, god, someone give me some money!

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According to the FAFSA, my family's expected contribution to my child's education at SFSU next year is $0. Zero dollars. And yet, in order to POSSIBLY get housing, I have to cough up $700 + a shit-ton of paperwork, or $1400 and less paperwork. NOW. This now, not, like, in a month. NOW now.
Part of that shit-ton of paperwork is a student loan that is really a parent loan. Yes, a loan that I have to take out to pay for her education, on top of the loans that she has. Guess whose mommy has really fucked credit right now? Oops. Sorry for being poor, kid. Will I get the loan? I dunno.
I have $1000 in the bank right now. I have some cash in a drawer. I have some overdue bills. I'm crying. I have a few ideas of how to squeeze water from a stone, but right now I'm just fucking tired and stressed.