is Occupy still relevant, co opted, hot air all along?

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Occupy Philadelphia has welcomed the homeless as an integral part of the protest all along. when they were raided, a good number of them simply went elsewhere, but stayed together. they're now under highway 195. they were served with notice once again that they will be raided and they now wonder what they will do, considering that they were never homeless by choice, not there to camp, but people who have no homes to go to. they seem to be asking themselves,and us, what has this all done?

get your tissues and read two open letters from paul klemmer, a 53 year old carpenter who's been homeless much of his life, sharing his thoughts on the raid, the occupation, and what it all meant.

the future of Occupy appears to be retaking of foreclosed and abandoned homes. this is something that's been done for decades but i'm still excited to see it getting the attention it deserves.

before raid:
(forgive the quoting of a horrid, horrid song)