Occupy Museums: Diego Rivera exhibit mic checked

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Occupy Museums staged another action tonight. this time it was at MoMa, which was having their free exhibit night. a quote from someone who was there who said that they tried to come previously to see Diego Rivera's murals but couldn't afford it, resonated with me. i love Diego Rivera and wanted to go to this but when i got there a week or so ago, the line was AROUND the block, AND they were charging $25 a head.

to see the work of an outspoken marxist, whose mural of working people was torn down by rockefeller for being too incendiary.

i'm glad Occupy Museums exists. not just because of the shit the union workers in auction houses are going through, but the fact that Occupy came from art, the fact that art has been co opted by (hate this term but i've had three hours' sleep so i'm not going to think of anything better tonight) the 1% and it's always been that way... i live a short train ride to a place where some of the world's best and most influential art resides, and i can't afford to see it. nor could the artists themselves, during their lifetimes.

a paywall to see the world's art is wrong.

their press release today:

We’re Back!

“In the face of so much suffering, if art insists on being a luxury, it will also be a lie.” ~Albert Camus

With the whole world asking “what’s next?” for Occupy Wall Street, OWS activists concerned with economic justice in the arts and in labor have announced plans for a creative visit to the Museum of Modern Art this Friday, where they will take advantage of the museum’s waived $25 admission fee. “I tried going on Wednesday, but I couldn’t afford it,” said activist and art enthusiast Tim Gately. Although free nights at MoMA are now sponsored by the retail giant Target, the tradition was introduced in the 1970s as the direct result of grassroots activism by the Artist Workers Coalition.

This action coalesces around a number of issues, from the cult of 1% luxury and celebrity promoted at MoMA to the museum’s close relationship with union-busting Sotheby’s. Experience a lively evening where the people’s voice is heard within museum walls. Everyone is invited to test the museum as a true public forum.

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and info/background on Occupy Museums here: