Occupy Muscians, Filmmakers, Writers

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artists show their support for Occupy by signing on to a list to be counted as an artist who supports the movement. it is noted, though, that volunteers are doing the data entry adding names to the lists, so there could be a significant delay in an artist signing on, and their name actually appearing.

lou reed and ian mckaye are on the musicians list, although i know for certain that patti smith, graham nash, david crosby and roger waters have all voiced support and are not on this huge list. so... it's fun to look but absence does not mean they don't support it.

same is true here for occupy writers. neil gaiman, lemony snickett (that's not the writer's name is it??) , salman rushdie, alice walker, look for your favorites here:

film makers, indluding a co-director the "undefeated," which i understand is a pro palin propaganda film???? perhaps there is another film with the same name:


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Great! A convenient way for the next round of McCarthyism to keep track of people to blacklist!

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