Occupy 11/21/11

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just a little for you today.

UC Davis quad, i don't have a headcount. i'm just so disgusted by the response to this, and so disillusioned with the society in which i live. as huge as the response has been, really, it should be bigger. kudos to all the alum and professors who've spoken out about that particular brutality, but on a national stage, i'm thinking people should be responding more.

in egypt, as you've no doubt seen, disaster is once again unfolding with - last i saw - 35 deaths there against the peaceful protesters who oppose the military rule installed after their last uprising. they've open fire on protesters, and when confronted on tv about it, state TV anchor cites the US' "strong" response to OWS as justification. working on a more direct link but here's gawker:

regarding the police raid on NY OWS, including the destruction of thousands of books (not literally burned, as i noted before. sorry about that, i saw it in print several places and thought it was true. it was merely trashed in a dumpster and taken to the dump.)
this email sheds light on the truth about that: https://twitter.com/?photo_id=1#!/davidhorvitz/status/138637475668180993/photo/1

and patti smith, who donated the ultra spiffy tent that the thousands of books of the people's library were house in, wrote this response:

and good news! scott olsen is out of the hospital. i didn't see reference to his speech capabilities, but he is said to be in good spirits:

and here is a video of cops doing a good thing. it'd sure be nice if all cops were like this:

NY Press Club, outraged at the media suppression on the day of the raid, has announced on their site a new group whose sole purpose it is to monitor how the NYPD facilitates coverage of news events. the only link i see is the one to their main page, which may contain something different if you click on a link at some point in the future, so i will paste the text of the statement as well:
Coalition formed to Monitor NYPD/PRESS Relations
There has been no public comment from the mayor or police commissioner about the suppression of press coverage and abuse of working journalists during last Tuesday's eviction from Zuccotti Park of "Occupy Wall Street" protesters despite calls from press organizations in the City for an official investigation and accounting of why and how the acts of blatant censorship were allowed to occur.

In the meantime, organizations representing New York City journalists have formed the Coalition for the First Amendment to monitor relations between the NYPD and the press.

In a joint statement, the groups declared:

“When New York City police evicted "Occupy Wall Street" protesters from Zuccotti Park in the early hours of Tuesday, November 15th, more than 20 journalists were arrested and several were injured. In what appeared to be a planned maneuver, police officers forced reporters and photographers so far away from Zuccotti Park that they could not see what was happening. They roughed up people who were trying to fulfill their duty to report the news.

“We have formed this coalition to monitor police actions. What the police did on November 15th to suppress coverage of their activities was intolerable. We are determined to use any means needed to fight such censorship in the future. In the city in which John Peter Zenger fought for and helped establish freedom of the press, we can do no less.”

Groups that have joined the Coalition for the First Amendment include:

Deadline Club
New York City Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists
Rebecca Baker, president

Deadline Club Foundation
Charles Novitz, president

Newspaper Guild of New York
William J. O'Meara, president

News Media Guild
Tony Winton, president

New York Press Club
Glenn Schuck, president

New York Press Club Foundation
Gabe Pressman, president

Newswomen's Club of New York
Toni Reinhold, president

New York Press Photographers Association
Dave Pokress, president

Society of Silurians
Tony Guida, president


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I love Patti Smith so much.

And I am awe of your ability to synthesize these posts on a daily basis. Thank you.

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wow, amazing. and indeed - like patti said, this is just the beginning. my thoughts are going out to everyone in nyc occupy and all around.

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FWIW, in this area, on the hippie news radio (KPFA), it was all UC Davis this morning.
Keep it Klassy, Egypt. "Americans beat up their people, so we should, too."

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