Occupiers in LA served with notice

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that enforcement of park hours can begin without further notice.

and don't think you can flip on the news and see what is going on over there. LAist exposes LAPD cherry picking which media outlets will be permitted to see any "occupy activity" in the impending raid. they leaked the email sent out by LAPD to media yesterday:


you can watch live here:

and here:

occupy philly is still outside city hall. no further word on an eviction.

update: 100 cops seen at 2nd and main


update: in philadelphia, about 12:15 am i started seeing tweets that philadelphia eviction is imminent.

eviction was expected since sunday, when Occupiers were given till 5 pm to disperse. that didn’t happen obviously, but you can see a live stream here:

and this is tim pool’s stream, he’s been in NY but he went to Philly to show support and be a citizen journalist http://www.ustream.tv/theother99

neither are live right now. looking for more philly streams. getting information from tweets, and comments on the streams which are presently showing prerecorded material but will most likely go live when/if shit goes down.

another update from LA, i'm seeing tweets that the cops banned news helicopters. CBS has a ustream channel, which is live but not showing much of anything. too far away. http://www.ustream.tv/cbsnews still awaiting the source of the allegation, which supposedly came right from CBS.

news media stream of live coverage of police action in philly:

philadelphia 1:06 am riot cops are moving in now.

1:08 press have been moved away.

To reach the Philadelphia Police Commissioner's Office, email:

or call 215.686.3280

police still waiting outside park, but intercepted marchers around 17th and Market.