the oath keepers, discuss!

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so it turns out that there is this organization of police, military personnel, veterans and firefighters who disagree with the erosion of our rights and are concerned by the fascist trend over recent years.

they're vowing to defy orders that violate the US constitution. they're refusing to seize property, impose martial law, perform warrantless searches, disarm people, blockade cities, detain americans as "enemy combatants," etc.

the video is a bit slow paced and dramatic but it gives the gist, and unfortunately illustrates its position with hurricane katrina.

i don't know what to think. i read about it in an article that was making the point that the popularity of this group is only one example of a population that's moving toward serious change, out of necessity. i don't know how popular this group is, but they do have patches which i guess is how we will tell them from the rest of the fuzz when the shit hits the fan.

the oath keepers.



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Because of people like this-

Some very clear guidelines- aka ONE SOLID interpretation of the Constitution which was clearly understood by every member would have to be part of it for me to feel comforted by the movement.

Scratch that. This seems more about the Right to Bear Arms than anything else. Terrifying.

Reminds me of the guy I used to work with who had gold buried in his backyard.

Oh hell. I don't know what to think anymore.

I suppose if I had been in New Orleans I would have an entirely different perspective on the matter.

I can't think of a way to solve the problem- I guess that in the end, one hopes that an individual will go with his or her own conscience. I know that I would certainly refuse an order to do something I'm morally opposed to. But that's why I'm not in the military...... and I don't work for the government.

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It's not so much the actual rhetoric they're using but the tone of the message plus all the Katrina stuff and the fact that the only source of news footage they use is from Fox news that bothers me.
I'd have to know more about the group and what their members actually do (or have done) to form an opinion.
It bothers me that these Oath Keepers are vowing not to do anything that conflicts with their duty to uphold the Constitution rather than saying, simply, that they refuse to obey orders that would mean going against the law. Because the Constitution and current laws are not one in the same. Laws are made based on an interpretation of the Constitution - and on a lot of issues there's still plenty of debate over what the interpretation should be. So the fact that they use the term "Constitution" instead of "Laws" tells me that maybe they disagree with some of the laws as they are currently written. I get the sense that they want to uphold the Constitution as they personally interpret it which is some scary sh*t. Not that I agree with all laws as they exist currently by ANY means but that's what the legislative and judicial processes are for- it's not for individual law enforcement officers to decide as they go along.