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Times were, there were many mama bloggers here on, but it seems a little ::cricket:: ::cricket:: in here sometimes nowadays.
How can we get more mamas to come here and blog? I mean, I am totally guilty of being addicted to the book of face, and that Ouija board of a site is probably sucking the life out of many a blog space, but, we are, after all, crafty do we get more moms to come here and blog? The more bloggers we have here, the more readers we will attract, and hopefully, more people will click on the blogads and Sue and Bee will be able to make enough moola to keep the site up....
Anywho! Thoughts?
Maybe we could all have the same "Check out's really awesome" FB status update?


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I know, I've been thinking the same thing. I've been very lax in my posting lately... Is it the time of year? I know that in spring there's a big dropoff in posting because of the weather getting nicer- is it that people are busy with kids back to school and such? I like the idea of a FB status update- most of my mom friends are on FB.

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I kinda thought the same thing. I used to come here several times a day and there was always something new! I suppose I'm guilty of not posting all the much, but yeah. Where'd everyone go? I've been trying to get other mamas to come here, but they won't. Don't know why. I love hipmama.

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I think it's partially because of sites like FB. It seems like there's almost been a direct correlation between the rise of popularity on that site and the decline of participation on this one. I could get sucked in to HM all day long reading and replying to posts. With the brevety of the status updates on FB I see what's going on with lots of different folks so I get that connection without getting too consumed by it. just a few minutes every now & then throughout the day.
I REALLY miss HM but whenever I log on I spend way too much time here so I have to force myself to limit it. It just happens that it's easier to stay away when I have an alternate way to connect with people online. Not as good - just more practical.

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And maybe a little more outreach, too. I found this site, crap, like more than ten years ago (I was still with my kids' dad), and have been hanging out here more or less ever since. It was really important to connect with like-minded parents--just to decrease my isolation. I'm guessing there are still many, many mamas who need that kind of support. We who've been here for a while, it may not be something that we NEED so much, but maybe it's something that we can PROVIDE to other mamas out there....

FB is kinda like candy--you can get a little fix, but when it comes to more thought-provoking discussions, Hipmama used to be that for me--and I think it can be again.

How about getting some people back here? Maybe we can contact past bloggers and invite them back. I think I have pregnant boy's e-mail, for example.

Maybe a three-pronged approach: out new people from, say, the book of face
b. make a point of creating interesting, thought-provoking content
c. invite old hipmamas back

Just some thoughts for now....

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I guess I usually post about single mama drama and I got sick of myself doing that. Now it's all about work school and mothering the occasional yoga weekend if I'm lucky. When I was working less and not schooling it was easier to post stuff. Now it's not and I am lacking in content. I guess that's my excuse. After the election I felt it die down around here mostly then summer time came and it's been dead. And I agree about other sites taking up more time, FB is new to me so I go there more. :(

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I'm gonna use this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for what HM provided me way back when (a mere 3 years ago). Making the transition from free-wheeling-independence to mother just about did me in, and discovering HM in those early days gave me the community and support that I really needed.

Thing is, these days, the day-to-day parenting stuff feels easy, and or, I'm not sure anyone else's comments or advice are going to make it any easier. It's the deep dark soul shit that keeps me up at night, and I'm not so great at writing about it, and generally when I have, no one here responds to it. It seems better left unwritten . . .

But the biggest reason I'm not around here much these days is that I'm working 20hrs a week, raising two kids, settling into a new home, and training for a triathlon (that I just did this weekend). Not to mention trying to build my yoga classes, keep up with my teacher training, study nutrition, and re-read the entire Little House on the Prairie series!

In short, I am busy and I am happy. And when I'm busy and happy, I don't want to spend much time on the computer.

I hope you'll consider this a success, not a desertion!

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This little cricket cricks along.
Great thread, Mamas.

I a new here.. relatively speaking, and my kids are old (oldish... 5,9,15,17) so I don't fit the new mama profile. But I think you're all right. More thought provoking stuff, less fluff (sorry about the appliances thread earlier, on that note... I was just so full of myself, and in love with all the shiny stainless).

I have a small question: How many of us actually poste regularily on our won blog(s), as well as fb and here among other sites? This may be part of the trickle effect leading to the dilution of HM. I wasn't here back when there were throngs of young moms with hot tempers and lots to say, so to see 45 visiters and one other user on line is usual for me...but it doesn't have to stay that way.

I do post on my fb, check out HM, I also have a link on my blog and on my reader to hm. I send emails out to friends and other mom-writers who should know about this site. It's a great group and can grow. I am still astonished (but perhaps I shouldn't be) about the few Canadian mamas who poste (or are they all just lurking out there???) come on out you Canucks... I know I'm not alone.

On another site (writing site).. the momoir project:, we have weekly writing starts where one blogger writes a piece on a topic, and then others, who want, write full on responses to this. It results in thoughtful comments and deep conversations via personal experience and insight. Any more thougths?

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