not all electronic noise sucks

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So, I ACCIDENTALLY went to another Noise show last week. I thought it was going to be a doom metal show (there were certainly doomy qualities to most of the bands, but it was definitely a Noise show), and if I had known it was a Noise show, you know I wouldn't have gone after the last noise show I went to. But, there I was, sipping a whiskey sour, talking to the awesome drummer from Laudanum, and I realized that there were no drum kits, just table tops scattered with pedals and patch cords. I figured I needed to stay, since I did pay the cover charge and a friend was going to meet me.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the first two bands and I tolerated the last two. Nothing was too loud or screechy, the music was interesting, it had movement, it had texture, it "said" something.
And I made a new friend, Per Ahlund from Sweden. The video I've posted is from one of his bands. He is also playing a set for the Berkeley Arts Festival on Wednesday of this week, so I might go check that out, depending on how much momming I need to do for T-Dizzle.
Her show is running this week--closing day is Sunday. I saw it opening night, and I must say that the play is quite good. My daughter, of course, is the best part of it. I do have a slight bias. Anyway, it's very draining for her, both physically and emotionally, and she's leaning on me a lot, emotionally more than physically. So each day I just have to be ready to be a mom, if she needs it.
Maybe I will see the Swede again (wouldn't that be Swede!), and maybe I won't. He has a couple more shows in the next month or so. A'ight!!