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Wed, 11/02/2011 - 22:09 -- Susan

The first week of October, I set up an appt to meet with a potential teacher for M1 so she could have private cello lessons. I come from a musical family, my grandfather was a concert pianist on one side, my mother's side has some general musical inclination, my parents received musical education, my brother and I both received musical education, and I believe it's important for my kids to receive musical education (and they're both interested in it, so it's not like it's something we're forcing here).

Five weeks ago. The first week was a free meet and greet so she could understand where M1 was with the instrument. Basically two years of group elementary school practice. Not far at all. The next week, the instructor was out of town -- understood. So lessons were supposed to start the following week. That week we were moving. She didn't show and it slipped my mind to even ask M1 if she'd had her lesson. Nope. Following week, nada. So I sent her an email. 'Gosh, forgot to put her on my schedule, tomorrow if it works.' Um. Ookay. No show. 'M1 tells me no cello lesson today?' 'Emergency room with my mother.' Fair enough. Today... nada. If she doesn't show on Friday, I'm going to have to find someone else, because she's obviously got enough else going on.

She's supposed to be a really good instructor too. I'm miffed and disappointed.


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Youngest (now should be referred to as "tallest") has been taking music lessons with the exact opposite set of issues. The teacher is so professional, strict, and precise she... scares me!

Though the kid is learning and seems to enjoy the experience, it freaks me out to organise the whole family schedule around his piano tutorials. We're not tidy like that! This is one of the reasons we didn't get to see you last week: had to rush home for piano lessons!

The recital was quite interesting though. It was at a church in the City (original bit of London, where nobody lives nowadays) designed by Wren. Which is normal here: like throwing an event in a Grange Hall. And all of the other students were adults! Strange upon strange for this Kitsap County kid. The four of us continue to bumble around with our tattered clothes and west coast accents no matter how much we seem to acclimate in other ways....