New focus.

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Thu, 08/04/2011 - 18:59 -- Birdie

So, I have these outrageous new (old) plans- are you ready?
This has been on my mind for a while but I'm finally going to do it.

Either learn accordion, teach myself fiddle (I played viola for 6 years) or somehow pick up a cello. Or all of the above! I miss having a musical instrument in my life terribly. I play guitar and have one, but it's never been the same kind of thrill the viola was for me. And, I never wanted to play viola in the first place- it was a compromise, because my parents told me I couldn't play the cello because they didn't have room for it in the car. My first desire was to play the piano, and I kind of taught myself a little on the klunker in the basement, at least with the working keys. I used to beg for lessons. Sometimes my friend who got lessons would teach me things. I was so excited when the school offered to teach us- I had my heart set on the cello. No dice. Now that I am a grown woman- I don't care how broke I am- I will find a way to indulge myself. If I had gone to a great college instead of running away, maybe I could have done more than teach myself guitar by now. I remember the day I sold my viola to make rent. :-(


That's only the beginning. I'm embracing this single life=more time thing this time around. I'm reading novels again. Preparing to start my final semester in college Bruce Lee style. By this time next year, I'll have a degree from a pretty darn well-respected school. I'll be beginning my career. Like this (see below)!
I'll prolly skip the nunchucks though.


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Yay! Viola! Our own private clef. I remember the day I sold mine for car repairs. :(
Here's my advice--see if there's a community orchestra where you are. Many community orchestras (including the one I play violin and.....viola in) have "feeder" groups, that is to say, ensembles for beginner or rusty players. They may be able to help you get back into the swing of things. Also, there might be classes at your local community college.
Additionally, please check out This is a wonderful strings only shop in El Cerrito, near Berkeley, CA. I rent an awesome violin from them. They might be able to help you find a GOOD violin shop in your area to rent from. I highly recommend renting a good quality instrument over buying a piece of crap from Ebay. It will make your playing experience sooo much better.
One more thought--if you know of a pick-up old timey night, or Irish trad music night, go there and have a chat with the fiddle players. Some of them might teach lessons. You could just sit in, too. I find that to be intimidating, but that's me. (I can lead the second violins, I can play bass in front of 50,000 lesbians, but I can't sit in on an Irish music night. go figure!)

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MUSIC IS GOOD! new focus is great!!!

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