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High Schooler is getting weirder and weirder. I smelled smoke and followed my nose to her room. She was setting paper on fire and throwing it out of the window. I found beer bottles and an opener in her room when I moved the bed...along with more idly burned items. She tried to tell me they weren't hers. Am I supposed to believe that some stranger has been drinking beer in her room?

I have an appointment on Monday for the final interview into the school program for at risk kids. I have to say I don't have a lot of hope for this program, either, because no program works if she refuses to attend. At least it gets her away from her current group of school friends who help her lie, cheat, steal and drink. Of course, if it's a program for at-risk kids, I'm sure she'll meet plenty of new lying, cheating, stealing, drinking friends.


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i used to post here quite a lot but now just lurk, so i have been reading along with your experiences with your daughter although i don't think i have ever responded before. anyway, i am a therapist and for the past three years have worked in an outpatient program for drug and alcohol using/abusing teenagers. i just had a couple of thoughts for could be a horrible, glorified babysitting situation where yes, she will meet other kids doing the same bullshit behavior and pick up new tips as well. it may not, though. it may be a place where people really do have some skills and desire to understand what is going on with your daughter and help her to get back on track. if they are worth their salt they will involve you. and not to somehow blame you, because that is the easy way out with these programs. IMO, if the program is solid, their goal with you should be empowerment.
one of the reasons that i don't post here anymore is that i expressed one too many opinions about this exact kind of thing, and it got ugly, so i will leave it at that. i would be happy to be there for you if you need an "inside person", as it were, i know the system very, very well. it is broken, yes, but it is what we have and it is riddled with just as many good people trying to help as it is studded with those burned out, power tripping assholes that we all love to hate.
best of luck. you are amazing to read!

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