more escalation in oakland

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occupiers are moving into a vacant park. they were not granted a permit. cops in riot gear have been spotted in aerial video running at protesters at full speed. protesters have a bus, which cops are attempting to stop and confiscate.

their scanner says "we need to separate this bus from this crowd."

when that's tweeted, the scanner notes to cops using radio that they're being monitored. and the OPD even followed tim pool (prominent citizen journalist who's covered Occupy since the beginning) on twitter.

protesters are ready with their own home made shields.

marchers meet with barriers of riot cops:

moving across bridge:


live coverage from the air here:

and from the ground here:

police scanners from oakland and alameda have been shut down.

report from on minute ago: teargas fired

abc's feed goes black seconds before teargas is deployed, then reappears when cloud disperses. watch here


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I missed all of this. I was having orchestra rehearsal at 16th and Franklin, not far away.

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