more dissemination: UC Davis

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so it looks like the shit hit the fan at UC Davis today. this video clearly shows cops approaching seated civilians, and pepperspraying them.

then retreating to the cheers of the crowd. "whose quad? OUR quad!"

one of these young women was reportedly hospitalized with chemical burns. here there are with rifles like paintball guns, but instead of paintballs, they are capsules of capsaicin.

the guy with the spray is Lt. John Pike 530-752-3989

update: protesters put a stop to UC Davis Chancellor's news conference:
she had attempted to say that she would authorize a 90 day inquiry into what happened and get back to us.... uh, it's right in the video what happened, and YOU authorized it, you twit. anyway, the students held her accountable and took over the building and she barricaded herself away from them, then eventually left silently.
cops involved placed on admin leave: