Monday, oh my

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1. so grateful I got to sleep cuddling my precious little son last night & woke to snuggle him some more

2. had great job interview #1 this afternoon

3. have another lined up for Wednesday

4. am not emotionally devastated or dark ass dark right now - this says a LOT about my self esteem in ways I do NOT want to get into right now

5. i will be thankful for the crazy cardio exercise i just got fast walking around my whole block when the fence closed on me, locking me out on the opposite street from my house

6. i am appreciative of the 30 minutes of alone time i got sitting outside in the sunshine in a swing at the park waiting for the nanny client after Little Dude got picked up way too early by his dad

7. i am grateful I am inundated with possible job opportunities & can be selective

8. i will acknowledge and appreciate the wall i instinctively put up which is allowing me to remain calm and independent

9. throughout it all I will accept and appreciate the love I have to give and am receiving, no conditions from me, and i will maintain that i will receive unconditionally as well, no matter

10. i am grateful for vanilla Sleepy Time tea ; )


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i love vanilla sleepytime, its kiddos favorite too! he calls it vanilla bear :)