Monday, again, blues again, Happy again

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1. the dogs are very happy in the country & the family loves them, even the difficult one - he is just what their dog who is 2 months older needed - a buddy to chase & run around until they are exhausted with

2. Saturday night's Winter Solstice Celebration at Church was a-ma-zing! So glad I got to make it - I was 1/2 hour late since I ended up needing to drive out to the county with Mr Nice Guy to deliver dogs

3. Little Dude spent almost all day Saturday withe Mr Right & the daughters, w/o me and they all had a wonderful time & he behaved & everyone was happy when I joined them

4. Sunday morning's beautifully stunning Holiday "Service of Music " put on by our choir, bell choir, youth choir, musicians, and everyone involved WAS spiritual, emotional & beyond words

5. how Loved & Taken Care of by Mr Right I have been since joining him & the children at the Winter Solstice has been phenomenal. He has made me such a priority & has offered so much in assisting with the current situation with the landlord. He has been completely supportive & giving & caring.

6. I appreciate that we did a Releasing Ceremony last night, just the 2 of us. We wrote out what we were releasing & invoking to replace them and burned them in a very simple, ceremony together. i am very thankful to the Universe that I am finally with someone who believes in the Universe as I do & who understands as I do.

7. I am grateful for my resilience. Through all the current chaos & drama swirling around me, I am still upright, I am still positive, I am still moving forward. this too shall pass and in its place much goodness shall be manifested.

8. I am thankful for all the Love & Positivity & Support & Caring from the Universe in all its aspects; my Lover, my Family, my Mamas, my Friends, those who have given from the Goodness of their Hearts

9. I am grateful for healthy food & a new way of eating (the Wahl Diet - llok her up, it is incredible) and that my talents as a cook are making the transition easy & yummy. sooo delish so far.

10. I appreciate spending this Holiday Season surrounded by Love & Family, in whatever forms they may come. That I am privileged to attend our Church's Candle Light Service on Christmas Eve with my son & my partner is going to be amazing. That I get to wake up on Christmas Morning being held and Loved & Cherished & Adored is the best Gift of All.