Momentary lapse of common sense

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Thu, 10/09/2003 - 20:03 -- Angie

Never mind... I do need another cup of coffee! I figured it out. Sorry... ~sheepish grin~

Psst... The third and final adult member of this family just burst into my domain to discuss child issues and came face to face with this screen. She wants to remind you that she makes a wicked Thanksgiving gravy and will trade it in return for the rights to know what is behind the secret curtain!


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Submitted by Bee on

Gabriel was supposed to tell her! I sent him email that said "any member of household" - but he is such a polite fellow maybe he was feeling reticent. Please do tell her all about it!

But I still want the gravy.

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Submitted by Angie on

I think we both just assumed that the other had mentioned it. Gravy will accompany the entourage. I believe Sophie will outweigh the turkey; and she's far more tender too. Plump delectableness.

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Submitted by Gus on

Thank you, but I assure you she wouldn't fit in the oven.