Merry Christmas from the fam-i-lyyy! (Robert Earl Keene rules!)

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What I made the family endure tonight:

I'm not bald, my hair just blends into Santa's chair. High Schooler consented to taking ONE ear bud out long enough to grimace at the camera. Rat Pup held onto that bottle for dear life. Santa gave us all candy canes when we were done.

Back Row: Pup Daddy, Rat Pup, Santa Claus, Me, High Schooler. Front: Teen Parent.


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Yall are lovely. High schooler looks like such a typical teenager-in-Christmas-Card (I never smiled from like age 13-17 in our family Xmas cards)...

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Thanks for posting it; a truly gorgeous family you have there.

and welcome back! Been missing you lately and wondering where the erudite La Glam had gone...?

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Santa's whiskers were real!


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