Magical things for which I am grateful at the moment.

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1. Spending time with my kid. Next fall will mark a great upheaval for both of us. We are enjoying each other's company now.
2. Chili cheese fries.
3. Polka dots. Especially as decoration for foundation garments.
4. Gardening. I put most of the $200 worth of plants in the ground. I also noticed that someone in my 'hood had pulled up what turned out to be about 15 agave plants, ranging from teeny to quite large, and put them in a tray on the sidewalk. So, now I have agave plants in all four corners of my yard. Also, someone in my household apparently threw out a couple of old potato pipes (what could they be smoking though a potato? I can't imagine) and those potatoes are growing and making more potatoes! I wonder if they will be magic potatoes?
5. The part of gardening that I don't do. The magic of how plants grow. That's awesome.
6. Speaking of growing, my hair. It grows hella fast and thick and that makes me happy.
7. My yoga mat, which is magical itself.
8. Dancing, with my kid, to the Muzak in retail stores, sometimes to the amusement, sometimes to the consternation of the employees.
9. Metal Karaoke night. Singing "War Pigs" with my friends!
10. The Interwebs.