little warm cuddly boy having baba

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he's such a nice late sleeper since we let him stay up to wait for daddy-o to come home from work, or like last night, when i get back from writers group. he wakes so happy & lovey, lots of mama kisses, esp on the mole on my chin whic he MUST kiss a certain way & touch when he's nursing. then he says "baba!" and we get cuddlier still, and he giggles & makes silly faces while nursing. and i have to fight off his free hand which wants to pinch & play with the nipple he's not latched on. this boy's gonna be obsessed w/ big boobs & will probably have a mole fetish. the one on my hip he calls "cookie" and used to think it was another baba.

oh he makes me crazy when he wants to nurse when he's bored, and gets annoyingly insistent at bad times, and i can't get dressed around him or he's sure i'm advertising a free lunch. as much as i struggles to get breastfeeding to work with him when he was born & we had oh so many woes, i never saw myself still nursing past 2, and i'm sometimes conflicted about what i want.

last night he work up from his late afernoon nap and i was prepared to nurse just long enough to chill him before i left for my writers group. daddy-o had made spaghetti for dinner & was sitting there w/sissy eating it. spaghteti is little boy's newest most fav food. well, he wasn't even 100% awake and he chose the spahgetti over baba! i was beside myself. i told daddy-o he was my hero & actually left on time for group for once! but i was kinda sad when i thought about it later.

so this morning's great big "Baba!" smile and nursingsession was cherished, cause if he'll choose spaghetti well, maybe the end is finally in sight. sigh


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i wonder about my little guy having a boob fetish sometimes. He told me the other day that I have 'tiny boobs' which was pretty funny because I have enormous breasts (refer to nudie photos stored somewhere on this site). My friend overheard this and laughed and said 'you are gonna be dissapointed if you think your mamas boobs are tiny'. On the way to the park there is a lawn with two grecian statues of ladies with their boobs out and everytime we pass it he yells out 'BOOBS!' then today he was talking about both of his aunties boobs. I am sorta weaning him, still nursing just not on demand anymore and hoping his interest will start to fade but alas it seems the opposite.

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my daughters all weaned themselves as soon as walking was possible, they had no time to be still with mom unless it was bedtime or early am feeding. only kids we know still nursing are boys and the boys were harder to wean in our group overall.
we hit a spot about 18 months where i swear boy nursed more than a newborn at one of our playgroups.

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