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why is it that babies wake up when their soother comes out of their mouth? is it because they are hungry? sometimes Pait wakes up when it falls out (usually during the daytime) and if i put it back in she instantly falls asleep. i realize they need to suck, but is there something that i'm missing?


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I would think its along the same lines as trying to remove your boob from the mouth of a sleeping baby - half the time they wake up until you put it back. They aren't asleep enough to sleep through the sensation of it coming out. And like a boob, they will fall asleep again (usually) if you stick your nipple back in.

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if you are than it may be that the babe just wants to suck and get some extra comfort, alot of the time feedings are missed or delayed with pacifiers.. if you are breastfeeding my advice is to offer the boob instead. v

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that was the whole reason i ever started co-sleeping. she would whine as soon as it fell out. drove me nuts so i put her in my bed and she is still there part time now, but I LOVE it.
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