jealous over hipmama bbq

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read about the bbq at whoanellys and saw the adorabl epics from sugarhicup and i WANT a hipmama BBQ on the west coast!!!

I know i've only just come back to the site but the mamas are all so wonderful and fun and well...anyone on the west coast, Ca to be more specific I guess wanna do anything like a get together....I;m in San Diego and willing to travel a little bit, we're carless at moment (early '50s mercedes that needs engine rebuild)but i do train travel well. and well, if anyone wants to come down here we have Sea World & Legoland & zoo & my hubby's a chef at a restaurant where we could have a mom's night out thing

just a thought....any takers?


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Hey, I used to live in San Diego (OK, I only lived there till I was 5) and still have family there.

But sadly, I live in Oklahoma now.

How about a hipmama BBQ for the middle!

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i grew up in LA, still have family there. I usually get off Amtrak in Anaheim when going up there. If it does happen at your house, i would need more travel info..what the red line/metro right? and unless i stay with my aunt (but she lives in colton) i might need a pick up/drop off at transit center.....

and whoa you jumped on this!!! 26th might work unless my aunt is visiting me that weekend... my middle daughters live in san dimas & are supposed to be coming down here after school gets out, but who knows when ex will let them come....we can keep that date open as 1st attempt!!!
or would you consider coming down here if that doesn;t gel up?

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I once drove to Oklahoma -- it is doable. Any other middle-of-the country folks on this site?

Nomad - I don't know if you emailed your addy. If so, I didn't receive the email. No big deal if you do not want the book. I just want to make sure I'm not ignoring you!

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I will do it now...
I don't want to miss out on Francesca and Rob (was that their names?)