it's not even 5 pm and

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it is dark & that isn't helping

I have a frog in my bathtub, because his habitat was trashed last night by the dogs

I need to wash my hair to feel human, soon

i didn't do anything which makes me feel productive today

I have been wanting to cry since last night & coming home to disaster which could have been avoided if my daughter had just stayed here last night while i was babysitting - now all that extra cash needs to go to dog supplies (crates, new collars, more toys, training books for the daughter to actually follow, etc) & maybe a dog sitter instead of some actual gifts for my kids

I just needed to say these things somewhere as i feel the darkness closing in


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i love ungratitude lists, thanks for sharing your downs as well as your ups. i got to thinking things were pretty fairy taleish over there for a while. im sorry about your daughter. there seems to be alot of teenager drama here with the hipmamas lately. then again teenagers are always drama no matter if your hip or not. im not envious. though i tend to take sides because I feel more solidarity with youth than with the mother hood' most of the time. anyway - i would be a wreck if i came home to that. i have dog shoes and harnesses and 100 lbs of food and two big crates and even some dog backpacks and clothes (i know, i got silly with it) since our plans for a dog were a bust i dont know what to do with the stuff. i could mail you stuff?