It's been a while.

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Sat, 06/09/2012 - 20:23 -- Birdie

I graduated from college! Got a job in my field. Love what I do.

Waiting to have an ultrasound on my throat to determine whether or not I have thyroid issues, waiting for more blood test results. My mother had Hashimoto's Disease, so I'm genetically predisposed. Trying to psych myself up to being able to deal with the results, whatever they may be.

Still very glad that my family are no longer in my life. Experiencing moments of irritation when I feel like telling off my brother and my old friend for disappearing from my life (she married his best friend) and upset with the way that they both treated me in a condescending, horrible manner when I was dealing with a terrible situation. It seems as though it's most ladylike to just disappear from view as well, but for some strange reason I keep them as fb friends, even though I hide most things that I post from my brother, his wife and my cousins. I don't hide things from my old friend. I don't really like the thought that she is reading my posts and perhaps silently judging me further. Tired of reliving feelings of betrayal. It gets old.

Dealing with a situation right now that is difficult regarding my son's father and visitation. Wish I could bring it up here to get some support but not sure how comfortable I feel with that as I might be looking at another trip to court. Suffice to say, he has screwed up, big time, again and I'm not willing to overlook it.

Hope all of you mamas have sweet dreams and a wonderful day tomorrow.

<3 B


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Glad you are back. There is the private forum w/ the key thingy that is supposed to mean no public viewing (no reason to doubt that!). Maybe you can post there for support. Hope your scan is clear. Glad you found work you love right after grad- that's amazing!! Best- M