it's alright, i'm not a bigot.

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the guy who shot trayvon martin says, through his lawyer, that he is not a racist. ok.

dharun ravi says he has no problem with gay people. alright.

i don't have much to say about either case, despite being inconvenienced by the media circus that was the latter case, because what can you say?

just that i hate that people think it matters what level of hatred is in someone's heart when they take someone's life. like... it somehow doesn't count if they can't find some instance of the person using designated "hate" words. which of course is the proof you need of HATE which means that it's a crime. it's the thought that counts.

nevermind the fact that this shit happens to the same people over and over, pay no attention to those patterns. pay no attention to the fact that we all know the same thing wouldn't happen to someone else, that the perps knew there would be little if any consequence and so proceeded with their intended crime. forget that this killer in florida has no one's authorization to be any kind of "neighborhood watch" guy, he's just a guy who made harassing black people in his neighborhood whilst armed his hobby. and no one stopped him before someone died. and no one told ravi when he invited them to watch the gay shenanigans in his room that was in poor taste. someone had to die for anything to be said.

ravi's defense painted himself as a idiot child, which he is, in his defense. that he acted without thinking, which i'm sure he did. please, someone, explain to me how that makes it better, not worse?? i seriously do not grasp how we are supposed to accept that it's better to be stupid than hateful.

oh ok then, you're an idiot, no worries.

it's alright! i'm on drugs!


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ack. I think I need to stay off the interwebs. I just feel grossed out by people all of the time.

"Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius"--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle