it's all over the news. most americans are "pro life."

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have you seen it, they're talking about it everywhere. and it's a gallup poll, not pew research or anything like that.

they say that most americans self identify as "pro life." do you believe it? have you observed any such trend?


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Who the hell isn't "pro-life". I know I'm not pointing out anything new here, but this one still really gets me.

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Like, if you're not pro-life, doesn't that make you anti-life??

Maybe it should be pro-choice/anti-choice. Or even better: pro-freedom/anti-freedom. I bet those numbers would tell an entirely different story.

Or how about: none of my fucking business because I'm not the one who is going to choose to go through the difficulty of an emotionally-charged medical procedure.

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I haven't seen recent numbers. I think the dialogue has nosedived in the Bush administration. But, I think that most studies say that about 10% think it should be illegal. There is a difference between thinking abortion is wrong and thinking it should be illegal. It is easy to have a hypothetical objection to it in a survey, but more than 30% of women have an abortion in their lifetime in the United States.

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As usual, it depends on how the pollsters ask the question. The question was "are you more likely to describe yourself as 'Pro-Life' or 'Pro-Choice'?" But no definition of the term was given, plus it was an "either/or" sort of choice, forcing middle of the road respondents to "take sides" on an issue they normally would not takes sides on. I discount it greatly. Being more "pro-life" than not does not mean you think abortions should be illegal necessarily. It's mostly spin.

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they could alos have polled specific people or in certain places that are more known to be "pro life" and of course - it does depend on what they asked and how it was phrased. These things can be so tricky! Learned about how anything can be slanted in psych class.

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Like women are out there just hoping to have an abortion! That does irk me about the "pro life" thing. Like because you want to have rights and a choice, that means you like killing babies?!?!?

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Well, it depends on how many people were polled, how representitive those people were of the actual overall population, etc. I think it's very possible that the margin of error exceeds the margin by which those identifying as pro life have come out ahead here.
Besides which, I don't think it really matters. This is one of those issues on which I think it is neither appropriate or right to put it up to popular opinion. Choice over one's own body and reproductive rights should be intrinsic to all women, even if 75% of people believe otherwise. I'd think it unfortunate if that were the case, but that would not change my opinion on what the law should be. Ya know?