An interview with Shirley "God Hates Fags" Phelps...this is wild.

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i'm sure you ladies don't remember, but a few months back Chris Mason organized a counter protest in Boston to raise money for every minute that the Phelps clan protested the opening of the Laramie project. i was really looking forward to going but it ended up being during the weekend of that crazy ice storm that left most of new england a disaster zone...i was bummed to miss it, but chris and i have talked a couple times through email and i've been following his current cross-country trek while he films for his Driving Equality documentary. he just posted this clip of yesterday's interview with Shirley Phelps, and it's pretty unbelievable. plus he got a tour of the "factory" where they make their signs, and they actually gave him one as a memento. he says in his blog that they were actually very kind and welcoming to him, but i'm unclear on whether they knew he's gay. i love his comments in his blog about how freaky it felt to be filming her with the camera he had paid for with money raised by counter-protesting her's kind of a mind-fuck, huh? and, by the way, i almost fell off my chair when she uses the expression "it's on like donkey kong" during the interview.

anyway, here's the link to the clip


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Watching it now, thanks so much for posting this. Maybe when the film is out my group can do a showing here.

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I remember the counter protests. I wish I could've gone. My little bro was in a production of The Laramie Project at his high school (just outside of Boston). I'm pretty sure that the Phelps clan showed up there to protest. Ick! (on a side note I thought it was super cool that a high school in the burbs was doing the play!!)
I really don't understand how anyone who calls themself religious can believe that god hates anyone. Especially those who supposedly believe in and strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. His whole thing was loving everyone - especially sinners: love the sinner, hate the sin. I completely disagree that homosexuality is a sin, of course, but say for arguments sake that it was... if you believe in Jesus you're still not supposed to hate anyone. Ridiculous.
And yeah - "it's on like Donkey Kong" was freakin hilarious!

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She is truly the load her mother should have swallowed!!
And what was the feces comment about??!!
I really hope one of her kids turns out to be gay. Wait, nevermind, that probably wouldn't change her mind. She's so looney tunes she might do something to harm them and say that God told her to do it!

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Oh you didn't know that all gay people eat feces? Clearly this woman is an expert on all gay people and you could learn a thing or two from her. Snort.

Okay and "the load her mother should have swallowed" is so cracking me up and grossing me out at the same time.