I think maybe I'm supposed to be single...

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My now ex has had a year and a half to get it together and this time I'm gone.Reminder to self do not think that loneliness is love, it's not. :( :((


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I wouldn't think of it like maybe you're supposed to be single - maybe you just shouldn't be with this particular guy. I think a lot of the time people stay in bad relationships for way too long because they don't want to be alone. But you've got to be alone for a while if you're ever going to meet anyone new and be in a GOOD relationship.
Our society puts way too much emphasis on couple-dom. Single people are made to feel like there's something wrong with us for not having found, or been able to "keep", a partner. So I think it's important not to look at being single as some kind of tragedy but also not to look at the end of any relationship as resigning yourself as destined for singledom. I think the latter sentiment is part of what keeps people in bad relationships - that fear that you'll let go of this one person and no one else will ever come along.

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I hope you feel less lonely soon.

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